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CORE HL7 SQL Schema Engine

To move a license from one computer / server to another we would assume that first you will REMOVE the license from the current computer (which you do in your Global Settings). This is a service that we provide for FREE in the VAST majority of circumstances, you can review our Fair Use Policy which is part of your EULA (Section 8a).


Now on to how to get this done. It's really fairly straight forward. You just install the software on the new computer / server and open it which takes you to the Activate a License window as if you were activating a new license.



Step 1: Create the Activation Request

Step 1: Create the Activation Request



Here (on the NEW computer) you will click the Get Activation Request button which will place an Activation Request object (just a blob of text) on the Windows Clipboard. Just get that to a computer running the CORE License Manager software (you can just paste it into Notepad and save as a Text file if needed) and use it to submit a license move request.


Once your request has been submitted you wait for it to be processed by Customer Service. You will be notified by email when it's done and at that point you just activate the license as normal by using the CORE License Manager software to Retrieve Your License Key. The video below demonstrates all of the steps to moving a license to another computer. It uses the CORE HL7 TCP/IP Sender as the example product, but the steps are the same.


Moving a CORE License




You can always Contact Us if you have any questions and we can walk you through this process on the phone.


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