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CORE HL7 SQL Schema Engine



The Global Settings Window

The Global Settings Window


Your Global Settings are MOSTLY just "default values" which are used when you create new schema profiles. For instance, the Default Column Size, whatever you set this value to you will see in Creating Schema Profiles (Part 2). This means that for almost everything that you see in this screen no matter what you set the value to here, it can be overridden in each Schema Profile when you create or edit them.


There are 2 exceptions to this and they are:


1. Global Log Level: As your Schema Profiles run they will create log files in the 'Logs' sub-folder of the Installation Folder. This value will indicate the amount of logging you want to do. IMPORTANT: Be mindful that setting to 'Maximum' can create large log files.


2. The data in Section 1: License Information. This will show you the current license that you have. It's typically only informative but there are a couple of interactions that you can have with this and they are if you need to:


UPGRADE your license from a DEMO license or a DEVELOPER license. See Upgrading Your License for more information.

DELETE your license completely. If this is what you want to do just click and follow the prompts.













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