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CORE HL7 License Manager


With only ONE major caveat for 3 products (See Moving Legacy Activation Products), moving a license always consists of 3 steps. Steps 1 and 3 are done by you and step 2 is done by customer service.


1.You submit a License Move Request through the HL7 License Manger.

2.Customer Service processes the move request for you and notifies you by email (or in real time if we're on the phone) when it's ready.

3.You retrieve the License Activation Key from the HL7 License Manager and use it to activate the software. (See Retrieving License Keys).


Don't be daunted by this process, while it's less convenient than online activation, it is really not that difficult and you can ALWAYS Contact Customer Service 24/7 and we can walk you through it in about 10 minutes.



Submitting A Move Request


Step 0: Before You Begin. You must have installed the software onto the new computer / server AND created an Activation Request which has been transferred to a file or onto the Windows Clipboard of the computer running the License Manager software.


Step 1: Open the installation help window by clicking the help button in the Installations tab in the main window..


Click the Help button for the installation

Click the Help button for the installation


Step 2: In the installation help window choose Move this license to another computer.




This brings up the Move A License window.




Step 3: Fill out the  the Move A License Form.


Fill out the top: In the email section at the top indicate to whom we should notify when the move request has been completed. NOTE: the Phone field is required and you should verify that it is correct, we may try and call you back at the contact phone number if there is an issue processing your request.


Load an Activation Request: Click the appropriate button.


Verify the Your Note Field: Enter the value in the Your Note field you want to see in the Installations tab of the Main Window when the move request has been completed.


Enter the Reason: Enter the reason why you are moving the license. This is required and be specific.


Check that you Understand the Terms and Conditions.


Move a License Window (Ready to Submit)

Move a License Window (Ready to Submit)



Click IMAGELIST_LIGHTNINGSubmit Your License Move Request. And you are done!




What Happens Next? After customer service processes your request you will receive an email with instructions for your next step. Typically, we will generate the new license activation key for you and you would then retrieve the license key (see Retrieving License Keys) and activate the software on your new computer using manual product activation (see How Activation Works).









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