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CORE HL7 License Manager

Occasionally you may need to retrieve a license activation key from your HermeTech account to activate a product on a client computer using "Manual Product Activation" (see How Activation Works). For instance:


You have processed several product activation requests in a row and you now need to retrieve the keys to activate the products on each computer (see Activating Licenses).

You are in the process of MOVING a license from one computer to another (see Moving a License to another computer) and have been notified by customer service that your license for the new computer has been created and is waiting for you.



Step 1: Open the installation help window by clicking the help button in the Installations tab in the main window..


Click the Help button for the installation

Click the Help button for the installation


Step 2: In the installation help window choose Retrieve the License Key From My Account.




Step 3: In the next window click Download the License Activation Key




Step 4: Export the key. After downloading the buttons at the bottom of the screen will activate enabling you to either copy the key to the windows clipboard or export it to a txt file.








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