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CORE HL7 SQL Schema Engine




Click Help & Utilities

Click Help & Utilities



Clicking the Help & Utilities button on the main window will activate a popup menu with several options. You should feel free to click through these options and play with them to get a feel for your software and how it works.


Online Help - Opens this help document in the default browser.

About - Displays a report about the software (version, license, etc).

Installation Folder - Opens up the folder the software is installed in with File Explorer.

Logs Folder - Opens up the Logs sub-folder of the Installation Folder with File Explorer.

System Report - Displays a System Report with details about your profiles, etc.

Windows Services - Opens up the MS Windows Services Windows Snap-In.

Computer Mgmt - Opens up the Computer Management Windows Snap-In.

Task Manager - Opens up the Windows Task Manager.








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