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To use the DEMO application you have to tell us a little bit about how we can identify your HL7 Database Schema, and some information about how to create your Schema Tables, how to import HL7 messages, and how to maintain your schema tables.


In the COREHL7 MS SQL API you use the COREHL7MSSQLSchema object for verifying and creating your HL7 Database Schemas. The DEMO application uses this object throughout.


In the Main Window (Section 1) click the Edit Your SQL Schema Settings button to enter your Schema Settings information.





HL7 Schema Settings

HL7 Schema Settings


Your have to fill out this form completely AND then click Save Settings.


What's on the form?


Section 1:


The most critical piece of information on the form is first field, the Schema Prefix. We use the Schema Prefix extensively throughout the API. It is a 2-4 character alpha-numeric value which must begin with an alpha character. Most importantly we will use it to NAME every object which is part of your Schema. Example: See the HL7Data Table. This is important because you MAY want to create solutions where you want to place OUR SQL Tables in YOUR database which is also being used for some other purpose and you would want to make sure that there is absolutely NO chance that our processes would have any impact on any of YOUR tables. So if you know that your database doesn't have ANY tables, views, etc with a NAME that begins with "ABC" you could use "ABC" as the Schema Prefix.


The next 2 Check Boxes tells us a little bit about how to import HL7 messages. Should we store the RAW data for each HL7 Message Segment in your MessageManifest table? And should we always check for Duplicate messages? See the COREHL7SQLImporter for more information about how these properties work.


Section 2:


This section deals with how Schema Maintenance is done. How many days old should a message be before Schema Maintenance would consider purging it? AND When you run Schema Maintenance should we ignore HL7 Message records in your database unless they have been marked as processed. See Running Schema Maintenance for more information.




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