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To Use the DEMO application you have to have a connection to Microsoft SQL Server and a SQL Database to play in.

In the COREHL7 MS SQL API you use the COREHL7MSSQLConnector object for database operations. The DEMO application uses this object throughout.


In the Main Window (Section 1) click the Edit Your SQL Server Connector button to enter your MS SQL Server Connection information. You have the option of using either Microsoft SQL Server security OR the Trusted Connection to use your MS Windows Logon.


IMPORTANT NOTE: Whatever SQL Server credentials you use in your COREHL7MSSQLConnector object they MUST have full rights to the database. You don't have to use SA but the credentials MUST have full rights otherwise.



Connection Information Window (SQL Security)

Connection Information Window (SQL Security)


Your have to fill out this form completely AND then click Save Your Settings. To test whether your connection information has been entered correctly click the Test Your Database Connection button.



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