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Before You Begin


What you will need to run the DEMO application:


You will need access to a Microsoft SQL Server. Since this is a DEMO application we recommend that you use a local development environment and SQL Express which you can download and use for free from

Once you have access to Microsoft SQL Server you will need to create a new SQL Database to work in (the DEMO application doesn't create databases). There are no special instructions for creating this database, just follow the default prompts in the SQL Management Studio and you will be fine.


And that's it. Everything else that you absolutely need will be embedded in the application itself.


Optional (Handy) things you might want:


You might want to have some example files that contain HL7 data. When you get to the section on Importing HL7 Messages you will have the option of either choosing your own test messages OR using the example messages embedded in the application. We always hope that customers can use some of their own example messages, and for good reason.

When you come to the section on Creating Schema Tables you might want to have a few different HL7 Definitions handy to create different types of HL7 Database Schemas.



Getting Started


When you first start the CORE HL7 MS SQL API Demo application it will present similar to the screen shot below. All of the "Action" buttons are disabled until you enter some basic configuration information needed to actually do anything. You will need to click the Edit Your SQL Server Connector button to set up access to your Microsoft SQL Server and Database (See SQL Connector Demo). Then you will need to click Edit Your SQL Schema Settings to enter the very basic information about what type of Schema you will have (See Schema Info Demo).


Demo Application Main Window (not configured)

Demo Application Main Window (not configured)


After you have completed this basic configuration information you are ready to begin and the Main Window will present itself similar to the screen shot below with all of the "Action" buttons enabled.



Demo Application Main Window

Demo Application Main Window





Your Next Steps:


See Creating Schema Tables to create (or recreate) your CORE HL7 Database Schema.

See Importing HL7 Messages for a demonstration of how to use the API to import HL7 message data into your Schema Tables.

See Running Schema Maintenance for a working demonstration of how the Database Maintenance is performed.





The Source Code for this DEMO Application is Available For CORE API Enterprise License Holders.






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