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CORE HL7 License Manager


You cannot use the CORE HL7 License Manager to activate Legacy Products, instead Contact Customer Service for assistance.


But you CAN use the license manager to manually activate three (3) of our products which are NOT "Legacy Products" but DO use our old Legacy Activation methods. The 3 products are:


The UltraPort HL7 Notepad

The EasyHL7 Managed Code Objects (Developer License)

The EasyHL7 Managed Code Objects (Runtime License)


What is Legacy Activation?


While our current programs all use the paradigm of the user creating an encrypted "Activation Request" which is used to activate the license, Legacy Activation required only a 20 character "Product ID" (sometimes called the computer ID).


When you try and activate one of these 3 products the activation window will look different from the normal activation window you will see with all other products.


Manual Activation (Legacy Activation)

Manual Activation (Legacy Activation)


Where do you get the 20 character Product ID?


In the UltraPort HL7 Notepad you can find it on the first window after agreeing to the EULA. The EasyHL7 Managed Code Objects are a set of API library DLLs and the ProductID is a property of the controller object. Refer to the online help for each product for more information.





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