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CORE HL7 License Manager

Contacting customer service has never been easier. From the 'Help' menu of the main window you can click Contact Customer Service.


In the Message Window:


Contacting NCS

The Message Window



1.Subject: (required) Just type in a subject for your mail message.

2.Reply To: (required) The email address you wish customer service to respond to. This defaults to your HermeTech Customer ID (email address)

3.CC: (optional) An email address you would like NCS to copy when they respond to your email.

4.Contact: (required) A contact name. This defaults to the Contact Name you entered when you created your HermeTech Account.

5.Phone: (required) A contact phone number. Why is this required? Sometimes there is more than 1 answer to a question. If NCS should determine that your question cannot be answered in a simple straight-forward email reply, it will be escalated for telephone contact if  possible.  This defaults to the phone number you entered when you created your HermeTech Account.

6.Message: (required) The body of your message.


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