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CORE HL7 TCP/IP Listener

Getting Started with your CORE HL7 Listener


Using Your CORE HL7 TCP/IP Listener



When you start the program for the first time the main window will look like the screenshot above. Your first step should be to activate a license of some type to get going. If you've previously activated a license and need to upgrade your system see Upgrading Your License.


There are 2 ways to activate your license and both begin by clicking the red License button on the toolbar as shown above.


Online Activation - Via the internet on the installation computer/server.

Manual Activation - If there is no internet connection (or our software is blocked) available on the installation computer/server.







After activation the first thing that you should do is set up the Global Settings by clicking the on the top toolbar.


After you've completed your Global Settings you need to create a new profile by clicking New.


That's it. Congratulations, you are now ready to continue on and use your CORE HL7 TCP/IP Listener software.


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The Main Window



See Also: The Main Window, Running Your Listener(s)




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