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CORE HL7 SQL Schema Engine


Before You Begin.


IMPORTANT. IF you are RE-CREATING your Schema Tables AND Your Schema Profile is currently running in a Service:


Stop The Services (If Running).

Edit your Schema Profile and remove the Windows Service assignment by setting it to Only Run Locally. By doing this you can then immediately restart your Windows services because the profile you're working on will be ignored.


Create A Schema


Actions Menu: Create Schema Tables

Actions Menu: Create Schema Tables





After you have successfully created your Schema Profile just navigate to the Actions Menu and click Create Schema Tables and follow the prompts. It is really that easy.


IMPORTANT: The system will warn you but it is still important reiterate that when you create your schema tables we also REMOVE any tables that already exist and ALL data will be lost.


For the most certain results, IF you already have a schema created, REMOVE your Schema first.


Video: What Is A HL7 Database Schema







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