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CORE HL7 SQL Schema Engine


If you need to remove a CORE HL7 SQL Schema from a database follow the steps shown below.


Before You Begin.


IMPORTANT. IF your Schema Profile is assigned to run in one of the four Windows services you should:


Stop The Services (If Running).

Edit your Schema Profile and remove the Windows Service assignment by setting it to Only Run Locally. By doing this you can then immediately restart your Windows services because the profile you're working on will be ignored.

Even if you are only removing your Schema Tables with the sole purpose of recreating them immediately you should do this.




Remove A Schema.


Activate the Actions Menu and click Remove the Schema and follow the prompts.


Profile Actions Menu

Profile Actions Menu


Once your Schema Tables have been removed click the Verify The Schema Exists button just to make sure that your Schema has been removed. At this point you are free to Disable your profile (if needed)  or Delete your profile (if needed).


Disable a Profile

Disable a Profile


Delete A Profile

Delete A Profile



Important Note: When we remove your schema (IE drop all schema tables) we DO NOT remove the Stored Procedure (if you created one).






















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