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Ad Hoc HL7 TCP/IP Sender



Remember that you can always contact Customer Service for assistance.


Common Issues


Cannot Connect to the HL7 Listener. Try these steps:


Verify that you have entered the Port Number and (if connecting to a remote computer) the TCP/IP address correctly in the Main Window.

If connecting to a remote computer, try doing a PING from a command prompt. If you cannot PING their IP address, your HL7 Sender definitely won't be able to connect.

Contact your Trading Partner and verify that their HL7 Listener is running.

If you have tried and eliminated the above, verify that there are no firewall issues blocking the TCP/IP traffic.


My Send Operation Shows No Results. Look in the Trace Window and in the Results Area of the Sending Messages Window. Were there any messages actually delivered? Results are only compiled if a send operation completes.


HL7 Messages are delivered but no HL7 Ack returned. In this instance what you need to know is whether the HL7 Listener is responding with a HL7 ACK at all. Try these things:


First determine if the Sender was expecting a HL7 ACK message. In the Results Grid you can see a check box which indicates whether a HL7 ACK was expected based on the contents of the MSH segment of the message. If there was no ACK expected the Ad Hoc Sender does not wait for one.

In Section 1 of the Main Window check your Wait for the HL7 Acknowledgement Timeout value and increase it. You know that the Listener is receiving the messages, perhaps you are not allowing them enough time to reply.











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