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DLL File Name: .Net COREHL7MSSQL.dll .Net Framework COREHL7FWMSSQL.dll

Name Space: .Net COREHL7 .Net Framework COREHL7FW

SQL Schema API Architecture


Class Architecture

Class Architecture


The HL7MSSQLController object is your master object it is a subclass of the HL7Controller object of the CORE HL7 API outlined in Region 1. It has ALL of the properties and methods of that object and is created the same way, with an important caveats and some additional classes.


Caveat: This object REQUIRES a CORE HL7 Enterprise license as outlined in Licenses And Pricing in Region 1.


Before You Begin Project Development: You should familiarize yourself with COREHL7MSSQLConnector object since these classes are all about working with Microsoft SQL Server and HL7.





Public Methods:



See Next: The COREHL7MSSQLSchema Object





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