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Online Help - Region 1: [CORE HL7 API Basic]

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Online help for the CORE HL7 Libraries is divided into 4 regions:

1.CORE HL7 Basic - Region 1. (This Region) Covers all general purpose HL7 objects, properties and methods.

2.CORE HL7 TCP/IP - Region 2. Covers all HL7 TCP/IP related objects, properties, and methods.

3.CORE HL7 Dialogs - Region 3.Covers the use of the WinForms common dialog library and Utility objects used in the CORE HL7 API.

4.CORE HL7 Microsoft SQL Schema API - (NEW) The CORE HL7 implementation of our UltraPort SQL Schema Engine.



You can use the CORE HL7 Visual Studio API libraries to develop the entire spectrum of HL7 Version 2.xx applications. From creating and reading HL7 message from files, folders, or memory to sending and receiving HL7 messages over TCP/IP. The libraries are available in both the .Net Framework (version 4.6.2 and higher) as well as Microsoft .Net 5, .Net 6, and .Net 7. We have taken great pains to insure that objects, properties, methods and calling conventions are identical (if possible) across all of the platforms.


What makes us different? If you're reading this document you are either a software developer or a software facilitator and you know that there are probably thousands of fine companies out there that create 3rd party components, tools, or software plug-ins of some kind. The difference is that WE use these libraries to create our own suite of commercial HL7 software. If you want to create a HL7 TCP/IP Listener application using our components, they are the same components that WE use to create our UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Listener and our CORE HL7 TCP/IP Listener products. This means that WE are fully invested in making absolutely sure that it works, the core code has been thoroughly tested and used to process literally tens of millions of messages worldwide. And thus, IF you find a BUG in our libraries, it would also typically mean that you have found a BUG that affects OUR products as well. You will be amazed at what that does for the customer service experience and response.






Your Next Steps:


Download the latest version of the CORE HL7 API Libraries HERE

See Architecture and Namespaces for an overview of how the libraries are laid out

See Getting Started for a quick overview of example source code projects.

The HL7Controller is your "master" object.

The COREAPILicense object is also extremely important.



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