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There are 6 types of CORE HL7 API Licenses. Four (4) of them are commercial licenses which you have to purchase and two (2) of them are DEMO licenses which are free but will only work for 30 days on a machine before expiring. All of the licenses are "per computer". This means that you can create an entire suite of HL7 applications to deploy onto a computer/server and you would only need one (1) API license to run all of them. To compare this to our own products you could create our entire suite of products and run them all on one computer using one (1) COREHL7APIENT - COREHL7 API (Enterprise) license (see below).



Commercial Licenses


Product Code



CORE HL7 Messaging API (Basic) Allows access to the full suite of HL7 processing using the HL7Controller object


CORE HL7 API (+Inbound TCP/IP) Allows you access to the HL7IPListenerController object for creating TCP/IP HL7 Listener applications


CORE HL7 API (+Outbound TCP/IP) Allows you access to the HL7IPSenderController object for creating TCP/IP HL7 Sender applications


CORE HL7 API (Enterprise) Allows access to all of the above.


DEMO Licenses (Free)


Product Code



A 30 day DEMO license which has the equivalent functionality as Product Code COREHL7API above. You can activate this license yourself quite easily from code. See the example application in Getting Started.


A 30 day DEMO license which has the equivalent functionality as the Enterprise license shown above. This demo license you have to request from customer service.



License Pricing


We have eliminated the concept of the "Runtime License". Instead every commercial license has an Initial Price and a Repeat Price. When you purchase any of the commercial licenses you will pay the Initial Price for the first license and the Repeat Price for subsequent license purchases. In addition, if you own a "Higher" license you can also purchase "Lesser" licenses for the Repeat Price. This document is a static help document and as such please don't rely on the numbers below in the examples and refer to the website, your License Manager software or contact customer service for confirmation and a price list.


Pricing Examples


The price you pay will depend on the types of applications you are trying to write. For instance if you only need to read / write / create HL7 messages from files or a database all you would need is the Product Code: COREHL7API - CORE HL7 Messaging API (Basic). As of May 2022 the Initial Price for this license is US$500.00 and the Repeat Price is US$5.00. This means that if you contacted us today and needed to buy 10 of these licenses, and you didn't already own it, your cost would be:


1 @ US$500.00

9 @ US$5.00

Total: US$545.00


Then if you came back next week to order 10 more your cost would be:


10@ US$5.00

Total: US$50.00

IMPORTANT: Our MINIMUM order for this license is ten (10) unless bundled with other purchases.


Example 2. TCP/IP Licenses


IF the applications you are trying to write will need to EITHER receive HL7 messages over TCP/IP OR send HL7 messages over TCP/IP then you will need license for either:





These licenses are both priced the same. So in the scenario where you need to receive HL7 messages over TCP/IP you would purchase the COREHL7API+R license. The Initial Price would be US$1,000.00 and the Repeat Price would be US$250.00. Owning this license would also allow you to purchase COREHL7API licenses for the Repeat Price of US$5.00. This means that you could create HL7 TCP/IP Listener applications which would deploy to customer servers using one of your COREHL7AP+R licenses and also write end-user applications like our UltraPort HL7 Notepad which would only need the basic license (COREHL7API).


Example 3. Enterprise Licenses


The COREHL7APIENT CORE HL7 API (Enterprise) license allows you to do everything, basic HL7 messaging, sending HL7 messages, receiving HL7 messages. To buy an Enterprise license your Initial Price would be US$1,500.00 and your Repeat Price would be US$300.00. Owning an Enterprise license also gives you the ability to purchase COREHL7API licenses for their repeat price of US$5.00 and the COREHL7API+R and COREHL7API+S licenses for their Repeat Price of US$250.00.




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