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Let's start at the beginning. The CORE HL7 API is commercial software, and like all commercial software you need some type of license to operate. You can find a breakdown of all of the license types in Licenses and Pricing but for this we are just going to concern ourselves with the DEMO licenses which are free.Even for DEMO license you must have a HermeTech account set up. If you do not have one you can create one in minutes on our website.


Product Code



A 30 day DEMO license which encompasses all basic HL7 processing using the HL7Controller object . You can activate this license yourself quite easily from code.


A 30 day DEMO license which has the equivalent functionality as the CORE HL7 Enterprise license. This demo license you have to request from customer service.



Activating DEMO Licenses


The source code snippets below show how to activate DEMO licenses as well as how to retrieve a previously activated demo license from our web services.







Testing Your License


So now you have your license and you are ready to start coding! You will always want to keep up best practices when you are working by always taking the time to VERIFY that your license is still healthy and valid for your purposes. There are many reasons why a CORE API license which was good yesterday could be bad today, it might have expired (DEMO licenses do that), it might be an invalid license because it was copied from another computer / server (remember our licenses are "per computer" virtual or physical). The End User (Client) may have renamed the computer / server without your knowledge, this will cause a license to fail.


This means that you should always put a regimen in place that tests the veracity of your license before you try and actually use one of the Controller objects to avoid embarrassing failures. Below is an example code snippet of some routines you might use, but it is YOUR CODE, you should design whatever regimen works best for you.




See Next: Example Applications, HL7Controller Object, COREAPILicense Object













Download the latest version of the CORE HL7 API Libraries HERE


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