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Download the API Libraries


We have provided several example applications you can download and play with. All of them are Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 Solutions written in C#. Unless specified all of the projects are compiled on the .Net Framework 4.6.2, which is the "oldest" .Net framework we provide at this time.


For the applications to work you will have to download and extract the latest versions of the COREHL7 API Libraries by downloading The zip file contains 4 folders which each contain DLL files compiled for different platforms. Currently these include .Net Framework 4.6.2, .Net Framework 4.7.2, .Net 5, and .Net 6. all for Windows. If you need a different platform just contact customer service.


Example Application 1: Activating A License


Demonstrates how to use the API to activate a DEMO or Live license as well as how to verify that your license is valid before attempting to use it. All other examples require that you have a valid license so this is the logical place to start, create a DEMO (or Live) license for your development computer and use it to run other examples.


Example Application 2: HL7 Messages


NOTE: You will have to have a valid license (DEMO or Live) to run this example.

This example demonstrates several examples of how to read and create HL7 messages using the HL7Message object. It also has a good example of how to use several of the "free" classes which are part of the API but require no license.


There are other example applications in the Region 2 Help and Region 3 Help





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