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CORE HL7 License Manager

From time to time you may need customer service or support for a particular installation of one of your products. We've tried to make it easy by customizing the built-in email system of the HL7 License manager to allow you to specifically identify which installation you need help with. You reach this special customer service email window in 2 steps.


Step 1: Open the installation help window by clicking the help button in the Installations tab in the main window..


Click the Help button for the installation

Click the Help button for the installation


Step 2: In the installation help window choose Contact customer service for assistance.




Finally: In the email window fill out your request and click the Submit button. NOTE: For customers in the USA, Canada, and New Zealand, often we will try and call you back at the contact phone number here, so verify that it is correct and includes a full phone number including your extension (if applicable).







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