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CORE HL7 License Manager

After you successfully log in you will be presented with the Main Window


The Main Window (Current Products)

The Main Window (Current Products)


Using the menus: File


IMAGELIST_RELOAD Refresh Your Data - Reloads your account data.

Logon32 Log In Again - Logs you out of the license manager and prompts to log in again.

IMAGELIST_DATABASE Update Your Account - Update your account information.

SmallClose Exit - Leave the license manager software.



Using the menus: Help


IMAGELIST_HELP Open Online Help - Opens this help document.

EmailNCS32 Contact Customer Service - Express general customer service contact.


Which Types of Products Do You Have:




In the Main Window you will see the section above where the types of licenses you own is broken down into 3 categories.


1.CORE HL7 Products - These are our newest HL7 products and represent the future of our development including the Microsoft .Net platform (5, 6 and higher) as well as the Microsoft .Net Framework (versions 4.6.2 and higher).

2.UltraPort HL7 Products - These are our classic HL7 products. They are all mature, robust, applications with a lot of time remaining in their product lifecycle.

3.Legacy Products - These are our very old products or products which are no longer active, example is most of the EasyHL7 product line.








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