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CORE HL7 License Manager

Use your CORE HL7 License Manager software to request a quote or invoice to purchase licenses. In the License Manager anywhere that you see the shoppingcart16 icon on the Toolbar or the animated shopping cart in your main window you can click it to access your shopping cart.


Requesting a Quote for HL7 Products

Purchasing HL7 Products (Empty Cart)




After you choose a license to purchases just click the Add To Cart button to create (or add to) your Shopping Cart.





Shopping Cart In Progress

Shopping Cart In Progress


After you have added one or more items to your shopping cart you can increase the quantity in your order by clicking the Plus16  button or decrease it by clicking the Minus16 button. You can also click the IMAGELIST_SAVEALLSave Progress button if you want to close your shopping cart and return to it later BEFORE submitting your order. Click DeleteA16Clear Your Cart to remove all items (this cannot be undone) and start over with an empty shopping cart.


When you are satisfied with your order click IMAGELIST_LIGHTNINGSubmit Your Order to bring up the submit window.


Submitting Your Order

Submitting Your Order



In the submit window make sure that the Notify and Contact fields are filled in correctly with the email address and contact person who should receive the online updates. Also, you should verify the Phone field to make sure that it has your correct full contact phone number including extension (if applicable). Verify that your order is correct and click the Submit button.


Once you have submitted your order your shopping cart is "Locked" and cannot be updated until your order is resolved (either paid or cancelled). Indeed, any attempt to open your shopping cart AFTER submission simply shows a report with your order details and any status updates from us (IE Quote Created, Invoice Created, etc).


If you have made an error OR just want to cancel your order and clear your shopping cart AFTER submission, just contact customer service and ask that your shopping cart be cleared.









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