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CORE HL7 SQL Schema Engine

Schema Training in a Nutshell

Access Schema Training from the Actions Menu.

When your HL7 Database Schema was created we used a HL7 Definition to determine which SQL Tables to create and which columns to put in those tables.

Schema Training simply means that when you import HL7 messages into your Schema Tables the software needs to ensure that every possible bit of atomic data is directly addressable by you. Every HL7 Segment in the message MUST have a Segment Table(s). Every HL7 Component of every HL7 Field in that HL7 Segment MUST have a database column to go into.

In order to accomplish this the CORE HL7 SQL Schema Engine will make dynamic changes to your Schema Database (HL7 Training), altering tables to make columns larger (to avoid data truncation), adding new database columns to tables (if the message unexpectedly contains a new HL7 Field or Component), and even creating NEW Schema tables if needed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This obviously means that whatever SQL Server credentials you use in your Schema Profile, they MUST have full rights to the database. You don't have to use SA but the credentials MUST have full rights otherwise.



See Also: Database Training Demonstration In our YouTube Video.




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