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CORE HL7 Viewer


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Scenario: I try to open a file and it gives me an error No MSH Segment Detected.


Solution: The CORE HL7 Viewer cannot detect anything in the file that resembles a HL7 message. You can try opening the file in a good text editor like Notepad++. Use Windows Notepad as a last resort.



Scenario: In my HTML Viewport I can see many fields and/or segments which are "red" and when I show a report it says they are undefined.


Solution: The fields and/or segments you are seeing are NOT present in your HL7 Definition. For instance, if you are looking at a HL7 message which is version 2.5.1 and you have a Vendor Definition for HL7 version 2.2 selected. Choose a different HL7 Definition.


Scenario Continued: I tried that but they are STILL showing up as "undefined"


Solution: The solution remains the same. There are some HL7 Segments (typically starting with the letter Z) which, by design, are NOT part of any HL7 "Standard" because they are "User Defined". You may need to create a NEW HL7 Definition by cloning an existing one and modify it to add any missing Field and/or Segment definitions. See Working With HL7 Definitions.




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