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CORE HL7 API Dialogs


Online help for the CORE HL7 Libraries is divided into 4 regions:


1.CORE HL7 Basic - Covers all general purpose HL7 objects, properties and methods.

2.CORE HL7 TCP/IP - Covers all HL7 TCP/IP related objects, properties, and methods.

3.CORE HL7 Dialogs - (This region) which covers the WinForms common dialog library used in the CORE HL7 API and Miscellaneous Utility objects.

4.CORE HL7 Microsoft SQL Schema API - (NEW) The CORE HL7 implementation of our UltraPort SQL Schema Engine.


You can use the CORE HL7 Visual Studio API libraries to develop the entire spectrum of HL7 Version 2.xx applications. From creating and reading HL7 message from files, folders, or memory to sending and receiving HL7 messages over TCP/IP.


The libraries are available in both the .Net Framework (version 4.6.2 and higher) as well as Microsoft .Net 5, .Net 6, and .Net 7 (coming soon).


This online help region ONLY deals with the WinForms Dialogs and their supporting classes. Download the latest version of the library AND all of the HL7 messaging functionality and documentation can be viewed in the CORE HL7 Region 1 help HERE, and the TCP/IP related objects and methods can be viewed in the CORE HL7 Region 2 help HERE.




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