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As we have discussed elsewhere, what makes us different is that we don't just produce and sell HL7 API libraries, we also use our libraries to create our own commercial software which is in use all over the world. This means that our objects work and have been tested under the fire of real-world customers using real-world HL7 software, and if you discover a flaw or bug then it also likely would effect OUR software as well as yours. It also means that we are just as likely to discover a flaw or bug before our API do which makes us more proactive in customer service and support.


The CORE HL7 API at it's heart is built to work with HL7 2.<xx> messages and to do this you must own some type of license to do this. However, there also a great many publicly visible class objects that you will see when you are working with the DLLs which are more in the vein of support classes and actually do not have anything specifically to do with HL7. We have made every effort to ensure that whenever it is feasible we make those objects publicly accessible to software developers as FREE (IE no license required) class objects which you can use in any of your software without having to purchase a commercial license, so you might want to take a look (or a second look) at some of the classes below.


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