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Object: COREFolderFileInfo

License Required: No. Publicly accessible contructors.


This is a short simple object modeled after a stripped down System.IO.FileInfo class. It was designed to be used with the COREFolderAnalyzer but you may find some uses for it. There are some key things to keep in mind when using this object. They are.


The object is not dynamic, it represents a point in time. When you query the Exists property it returns a bool that does NOT tell you whether the file currently exists or not. It will tell you whether the file EXISTED when the COREFolderFileInfo was created. Same for FileSize, FileLastModified, etc.

Since we designed the object with the intention of creating what might be VERY large lists of them in memory we do NOT keep full path / file name, just the FileTitle (with file extension). We did this to conserve memory and increase loading speed. We didn't want to keep what might be a 128 character path on a half million or million items. It is assumed that whatever code creates the object is maintaining the path / folder at a higher level (like COREFolderAnalyzer does)





Public Properties:


Property Name

Data Type


Uses the Standard Exceptions Interface


bool (read only) - Does the file exist? Or rather DID the file exist when the object was created.


DateTime (read only) - IF Exists == true will be the System.DateTime that the object was created. If Exists == false will be DateTime.MinValue.


DateTime (read only) - Will be the LastModified date of FileTitle if Exists. If not Exists will be DateTime.MinValue.


long (read only) - Will be the FileSize  of FileTitle if Exists. If not Exists will be 0.


string (read only)- Will be the title only (with file extension) but no path.


CORETag object - General purpose Tag object for custom programming code


Public Methods: NONE














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