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CORE HL7 Secure Socket Sender

CORE HL7 IPSec Client Version 1.0



Welcome to the CORE HL7 IPSec Socket sender. Send encrypted HL7 message traffic over an IPSec Tunnel to a CORE HL7 IPSec Tunnel Listener implementation.


This free software can be downloaded from our website ( and installed on any Windows computer / server which meets the minimum System Requirements.


Use this software in conjunction with our CORE HL7 Postmaster which acts as the IPSec Tunnel Listener, to securely deliver HL7 messages from anywhere on your network, or the world for that matter.


For your own use within your own network you can use this software to avoid the pesky problem of using Network shared folders! You just put the CORE HL7 Postmaster on Server A, where you create as many IPSec Tunnel Listeners as you want, then install as many CORE HL7 IPSec senders around your network as you like on your computers / servers. They can all send to 1 IPSec Tunnel Listener OR you can create an IPSec Tunnel Listener for each one.


For outside clients that need to deliver HL7 messages to you, this provides a FREE, absolutely secure, HL7 sending platform that does NOT require a VPN!






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