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Run Locally


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Click Run Locally on the Toolbar


Clicking Run - Opens up the Run Locally Window.


NOTE: You will notice that you cannot run locally if ANY of your Windows Services are running.


Running your profiles locally means to run them in a window so that you can watch them run and see real time results in the grid on the top half of the screen and the  trace window area on the bottom half. Once the Run Locally Window is loaded click Start to get things going and when you are ready click Stop to halt. Click to close the Run Locally Window and return to the Main Window.


IF you have more than 1 enabled profile the first thing you will notice when you click Run is that a pop-up window will ask you to select which profiles you want to run. IF you have more than 5 enabled profiles you will also notice that this pop-up windows will not let you select more than 5. This is because the Run option is limited to a maximum of 5 profiles simultaneously processing.



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Run Locally Window


Important: Running Locally should always be your first step if you suspect that something is wrong and you need to troubleshoot.


Example using the screenshot above: I have been monitoring my system and I receive a message from my Trading Partner that they cannot connect to my HL7 Listener. All that I have to do is log in to the server, STOP the windows service(s) (from the toolbar in the Main Window) and click Run Locally , then click Start to get things going.


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Run Locally Window

















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