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CORE HL7 SQL Schema Engine

Maintenace Settings are found in Part 1 of your Schema Profiles.



Schema Maintenance Settings

Schema Maintenance Settings


How Schema Maintenance Works

Enable Database Maintenance in your CORE HL7 Schema Profiles to have the system automatically purge aged HL7 records you are done with.

You can tell the system to how old a record has to be before it can qualify to removed. This is based on the LastLoaded column in your HL7Data table.

You can tell the system to Only Purge 'Processed' Records. This is determined by the numeric value in the Processed column in your HL7Data table, 0 (Zero) = Unprocessed and any other value = Processed.

And finally, you can tell the system how long to 'Wait Between Cycles'. A schema maintenance 'Cycle' will query the existing messages in your <prefix>_HL7Data table to determine if they qualify to be purged. If it finds ANY records it will iterate through them in blocks of 5000 until that query no longer returns any records that need to be purged, and THAT will complete the full cycle. IF the full cycle purged ANY records maintenance will automatically REQUERY your schema to see if more records need to be purged. Once it has determined that no records exist that need purging it will wait in the background for whatever amount of time you have indicated before beginning another cycle.

NOTE 1: If you are expecting high volumes of traffic, set this to a lower value, if not set it to a higher value.

NOTE 2: When a HL7 message is purged from your HL7Data table (and all the underlying segment data tables) there WILL be a shadow record in the SchemaMaintenance table which will remain there for an additional 30 days.

NOTE 3: If desired you can restrict Database Maintenance so that it will only run within a specific time window. You should be careful using this setting if you process a high volume of messages and make sure that Database Maintenance can keep up with your imports.






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