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CORE HL7 Viewer


MS Windows Operating System. Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2008 or higher

100 MB Memory + variable depending on HL7 messages loaded.

Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2

This version of the software is FREE and has no trial period.



About the CORE HL7 Viewer


3 applications in 3 months! At the beginning of 2022 we began an exercise to rapidly develop and release a series of free applications for deployment through the Microsoft Store. Our development team was given the challenge, create three complete end-user HL7 applications in only 3 months using our new CORE HL7 API libraries. First out of the gate was our AdHoc HL7 TCP/IP Sender which can be gotten for free from the Microsoft Store HERE. Next up in the second spot was our AdHoc HL7 TCP/IP Listener which is also free in the Microsoft Store HERE. Finally we have HL7 application #3 the CORE HL7 Viewer which, as with the others you can get from the Microsoft Store HERE.  


Our strategy, initially, was to 'wring out' our new CORE HL7 API Libraries which had been in development for almost all of 2021. These Visual Studio class libraries are the natural successors to our EasyHL7 Managed Code Objects for Visual Studio .Net which formed the foundation and building blocks for almost all of our commercial HL7 products for 20 years. These new libraries, which can also be licensed, will provide our new foundation going into the future using not just the Microsoft .Net Framework but also with emerging platforms like Microsoft .Net 5, .Net 6, .Net 7 and beyond.



The CORE HL7 Viewer was developed entirely in C# using Microsoft Visual Studio 2022 with our CORE HL7 API libraries for the Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.2.


So our primary intent was to prove, to ourselves, that when faced with real-world projects and real-world deadlines a competent development team could rapidly produce robust, practical, dependable HL7 software. We began with the UltraPort Ad Hoc HL7 Sender, followed a month later by the UltraPort Ad Hoc HL7 Listener, and for our 3rd entry the CORE HL7 Viewer. 3 applications in 3 months.


This software was designed to be useful both for HL7 novices and students as well as HL7 professionals.








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