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Find our FREE Apps in the Microsoft Store. In January 2022 we created a special development unit made up of 2 of our intern developers and gave them a task. Create three (3) fully formed, practical, end-user HL7 applications (including online help) in THREE (3) months. They were not allowed to speak with the CORE API Library developers directly and had to communicate with them through a liaison. The purpose of the task was to see how real programmers with limited experience could perform using the CORE HL7 API when given a real-world project with an impossible deadline. Technically they missed the deadline by 2 days but overall they did a wonderful job and we are quite proud of the results. Find the applications below OR search the Microsoft Store for HL7, all were developed in the CORE HL7 API for the .Net Framework.


CORE HL7 Viewer - A powerful HL7 reading and viewing app.

UltraPort HL7 AdHoc Listener - Receive HL7 messages over TCP/IP

UltraPort HL7 AdHoc Sender - Send HL7 messages over TCP/IP


Visit our Website Product Page to download or for more information about all of our hot current HL7 products.


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