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Object: HL7Definition

NOTE: No public entry point. Created only through a Controller object.

Description: A read only object oriented data structure containing HL7 specification information for a particular HL7 Version or Vendor / Version combination.

NOTE: You can download FREE software to create and edit HL7 Definitions from our website.


CORE HL7 Definition Editor

CORE HL7 Definition Editor





The screen-shot above shows the main editing dialog for HL7 Definitions. The CORE HL7 API provides you with an entry point to show this Windows Form from your own applications.


NOTE: Only available in the .Net Framework (version 4.6.2 and higher). See the documentation in the Region 3 (Dialogs and Utilities) Help.


Our HL7Definition classes are being made publicly available for the first time with the CORE HL7 API. This platform can be used to aid in reporting, and HL7 message validation. We use the HL7 Definition in our HL7 Viewer / Editors like the UltraPort HL7 Notepad and the CORE HL7 Viewer, as well in our SQL Database products where it provides the basis for our algorithms for database schema table create and validation.


Another use for this class is to create a persistent "HL7 Spec" which represents a contractual representation of how HL7 messages will be structured, control characters to be used, required segments, fields, etc.














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