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CORE SQL Schema Engine Main Window
CORE MS SQL Schema Engine

CORE MS SQL Schema Engine

NEW! NEW! NEW! This product is something else. Created entirely on the .Net 6 for Windows platform using our CORE HL7 API this program is blazingly fast. We have clocked it importing HL7 messages into a MS SQL Server database at well over a MILLION messages per hour. For every Schema you create (and you can create as many as you like) poll up to 4 different folders for HL7 data files AND simultaneously listen for HL7 messages sent over TCP/IP directly into your database.

Sets up in 10 minutes or less! The database works with any HL7 compliant messages. It can be used as a stand-alone product, or as part of any HL7 solution. Review the online help here (opens in new browser tab).

CORE HL7 SQL Schema Engine

Just to demonstrate how easy this product is to use this 8 minute video shows everything you need to get going!

Starting with downloading and installing the software, activating a FREE Demo license, configuring the software and creating your first HL7 database, and importing your first HL7 messages. It doesn't get much easier than this. Import HL7 data from files on the file system OR over TCP/IP with the built-in HL7 Listener! You download it anytime to get going.

HL7 Databases

Implementing an HL7 SQL Server interface can be surprisingly simple! Use one of our database products to be up and running in minutes.

This is #1 in a series of videos and is a discussion of what exactly makes up a HL7 SQL Database. How it's created, how it grows organically, and how to view it. All within the context of our newest product the CORE HL7 MS SQL Schema Engine. Created entirely in native .Net 6 for Windows this thing is blazingly fast with benchmarks shown importing HL7 messages at over 1 million per hour!

The UltraPort SQL Schema Engine has represented the Gold Standard for HL7 database solutions since it's first incarnation as the EasyHL7 SQL Schema Engine over 15 years ago.

There are three (3) available license types for the UltraPort SQL Schema Engine. Developer, Professional, and Enterprise. You can also purchase Short Term licenses for 30, 60, 90, and 180 days. Short Term licenses are the equivalent of Enterprise licenses.

UltraPort SQL Schema Engine

No programming required to process HL7 2.xx messages directly into a Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL database with this simple to configure and use system. Create 1 or more easy to follow schemas of data tables, turn it on and the rest is up to you.

Download, install, configure, and be running in less than 15 minutes!

The UltraPort MS SQL Schema Engine is a robust, scalable, safe, affordable, easy to use and implement solution that delivers maximum performance for a minimum investment of both money and (more importantly) time. Review the online help here (opens in new browser tab).

UltraPort SQL Schema Engine Main Window
Schema Engine Main Window

It is VERY Easy To Use

One of the greatest features of the UltraPort SQL Schema Engine is the ease of use. You can get your Schema Engine configured and then up and running in just a few minutes. This is quite a feat considering what this program actually does.

This video goes over getting started using the SQL Schema Engine.

If you own an Enterprise license equivalent then the enterprise features are unlocked which allows you full access to the Schema Engine API available in both .Net 5 and the Microsoft .Net Framework. You also have the ability to download and use any of free add-ons available for the Enterprise license.

Enterprise features and add-ons are in the online help here (opens in new browser tab). Below are some examples of free add-ons for the Schema Engine.

SQL Schema Engine HL7 Listener

Receive HL7 messages over TCP/IP that go directly into your HL7 SQL Database with this incarnation of our award winning UltraPort HL7 TCP/IP Listener product designed exclusively to integrate with our UltraPort SQL Schema Engine (Enterprise)

This is an unlimited HL7 TCP/IP Listener solution. You can create as many Listener Profiles as you like listening on as many different port numbers as you like. Review the online help here (opens in new browser tab). This product is a Schema Engine Enterprise add-on and can be downloaded from the online help.

UltraPort SQL Schema Engine Listener
SQL Schema Engine TCP/IP Listener
UltraPort SQL Schema Engine Listener
SQL Schema Engine Extender

SQL Schema Engine Extender

This is a native Microsoft Windows .Net 5 solution.

A major feature of the Schema Engine software is the Inbound Processor which is the primary method used to consume HL7 messages from data files in a folder on the file system. With the SQL Schema Engine Extender you can create unlimited inbound processors pointing at different data folders for your database schemas.

Review the online help for the SQL Extender here (opens in new browser tab).

This product is a Schema Engine Enterprise add-on and can be downloaded from the online help here (opens in new browser tab).

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Created using the CORE HL7 Libraries for .Net 5 Created with CORE HL7 for the .Net Framework